Get Quality Dementia Senior Care in Cokato, MN

Heritage Place is a 10-bed special care unit, committed to providing quality care to tenants with dementia and memory loss.

Heritage Place accepts private pay and medical assistance and is registered as a Housing with Services Facility with the Minnesota Department of Health.

Heritage Place is a secure unit designed for residents with unique and special care needs, connected to Cokato Manor nursing home. Heritage Place allows tenants to enjoy a greater degree of freedom from physical and chemical restraints. The level of freedom and quality of care are possible because of Heritage Place’s safe and secure environment with top quality care and programming.

Our staff is trained to understand the special needs of dementia and memory loss tenants. They are trained with the philosophy that these special tenants need a lot of flexibility and creativity so they can enjoy the highest quality of life available.

Members of the family can and are encouraged to participate in activities, meals, and the care planning process.

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Cokato Charitable Trust

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