Our Team


Tresha Melquist RN, BSN

I am grateful for the opportunity to accept leadership responsibility as the Administrator of Cokato Charitable Trust. This opportunity will allow me to continue to advocate and serve the senior population in our community.

I have been employed at Cokato Charitable Trust since year 2000 in various leadership roles most recently as Director of Nursing.

Director of Nursing

Andrea Holly

I have been an employee for Cokato Charitable trust since 2000. I began my journey in Long-term care as a CNA and now as a Registered nurse. I am excited to continue my career here as director of nursing. I am grateful for the opportunity to work with our senior community and their families to provide quality care each day. I live in Cokato and I am married to my husband Cody and we have two children, Brooke and Mason.

Director of Social Services

Tammi L. Dahlman, LSW

Although I worked in the health care field since 1980 I started at Cokato Charitable Trust (CCT) in September of 1983.

I have my BSW and a minor in gerontology. In my graduating class I was the only one who wanted a career working with the aging. At CCT I have had the opportunity to grow professionally and also be a vital part in CCT’s growth. From a long term care facility to a total continuum of care the journey has been challenging and exciting for myself and CCT.

For me it is an honor to work with aging individuals in this stage of their lives. Working with their families, guiding them, providing console, and sometimes just being a sounding board has been a privilege. It has also been an honor to bear witness to someone’s life story when they may not have had the opportunity to tell it before.

I am married and together we have two children who are also married. They have blessed us with three beautiful grandchildren. My most important leisure activity is spending time with my family, especially my grandchildren.

Office Manager

Jamie Christianson

I have been with Cokato Charitable Trust since November 1997 starting as an Office Clerk and transitioning to Office Manager in 2014. I obtained a two year accounting degree from Ridgewater College.

I came to Cokato Charitable Trust with no background working in a nursing home or senior care setting. I have come to truly look forward to the interactions I have with our residents and their families. I enjoy working with the staff on a daily basis and working with our new employees helping them transition to our environment and helping them and others with the day to day challenges that come up.

I have lived in Cokato my entire life. I am married to my husband Blake and we have two sons, Wesley and Lucas.

Housing Director

Mary Piepgras

I joined Cokato Charitable Trust in April of 2015 as a Care Attendant at Edgewood Gables Senior Independent Living facility. After 7 years in that position, I am now transitioning into the role of Executive Director of Housing and am looking forward to the opportunity to continue to serve the community in this larger capacity. I developed a passion for serving others through past work experiences including being a Certified Nursing Assistant and owning a pizza restaurant for 31 years with my husband Dave. It was natural for me to transition into another people focused role at Edgewood when we decided to sell our restaurant. I live in Cokato with my husband Dave we have 5 children and 11 grandchildren. In my spare time, I enjoy spending time with my family, cooking and baking, sewing, reading or golfing. In my new role I am looking forward to serving the tenants of Edgewood Gables and helping them enjoy life to the fullest.

Activity Director

Joy Marschel, COTA

My career with Cokato Charitable Trust started in 1989 as a CNA. Then in 1997 as a COTA in the therapy department and since 1999 as the Activity Director, Memory Care Coordinator & SDS Director.

I am passionate about working with those in need of care, and making a positive difference while enriching their lives. I truly enjoy my work and those I work with.

I am married to my husband Gary. We have two children and a son-in-law. In my spare time I enjoy being with family, exercising and outdoor activities

Director of Environmental Services

Spencer Mattson

I joined Cokato Charitable Trust (CCT) in May of 2019 working as a member of the Maintenance Team. It didn’t take long to realize what a special place CCT is to work. When the Directors position became available I jumped at the opportunity and was awarded the position.

I enjoy working with our staff and residents and being in a leadership role. Born and raised in the Dassel-Cokato area I worked for our family seed business eventually rising to a management position. In 2015 I moved to Nicaragua to work for several years, when I returned I was happy to find a position with CCT.

I have five amazing children and one grandchild. I enjoy running and traveling back to Nicaragua whenever I can. My role as Director of Environmental Services is very rewarding. I feel truly blessed in helping make CCT a quality first class facility for all of our residents and tenants.

Foundation Director

Tom Ollig

I joined the Cokato Charitable Trust team in July of 2018 as Foundation Director.

I have worked in the Senior Care industry since 2012 as Foundation Director for St. Mary’s Care Center in Winsted, MN.

All my career I have been in the management and marketing field. I graduated from Holy Trinity Catholic High School, Winsted, MN in 1970. I attended Mankato State University studying Business Management.

What I find most gratifying in my work at Cokato Charitable Trust is being able to help improve the lives of those we serve and our employees while meeting some amazing people. As a Foundation Director at a senior care facility, anything I can do to make life better for our residents and staff is very rewarding

I married my best friend LuAnn in 1973. We have 4 daughters, 3 son-in-laws and 3 grandchildren. I enjoy golfing, long rides on the lake and being with family and friends.

Board of Directors

Steven Hanson, CPA

I joined the Cokato Charitable Trust Board of Directors in 1994. Currently my position is that of Board Chairman.

I believe my responsibility on the Board is to provide the best care, service and facilities that we can for our residents.

Both my mother and mother-in-law spent approximately 10 years in a care facility which made it personal for me, and helped me strive to do the best that we can for our residents.

Most gratifying to me at Cokato Charitable Trust is to see the care given by our team to each resident and the appreciation that our residents have for that care.

In my leisure time I enjoy being with family, golfing and biking.

Peggy Carlson

In 1996, Bob Ortquist, former Cokato Charitable Trust board member, invited me to join the CCT board of directors where I currently serve as the Secretary/Treasurer.

My responsibility is to take accurate minutes at our meetings and with the other advisory board members, oversee the operations, financial health and future trends of senior care in our area.

As a former City Clerk I know the importance of Cokato Charitable Trust in our community. The future of senior care is evolving and changing. Our Edgewood Gables Senior Living Facility was the first project I was involved in. There was a 99 year old woman who was looking for a senior living facility in the area. We had nothing in our community, thus the birth of Edgewood Gables Apartments. She was one of the first residents.

The Cokato Charitable Board of Directors has always been proactive when it comes to senior needs and care in our community. To be a part of this work has been gratifying.

I am an active member of the Stockholm Lutheran Church a former Sunday School Superintendent and teacher, I’m also an archive member reader and greeter. I am a very active member in the American Legion Auxiliary Post 209 where I serve as President.

Allan Anderson

My association with the Cokato Charitable Trust Board of Directors began in 1995 after being asked to join by a then sitting board member.

Currently I serve as a Director on the board. I believe my responsibilities as a director are to ensure we provide the best care possible for our residents, that we care for the maintenance of our buildings and provide the employees the tools they require for their work.

I enjoy and am proud of playing a part in providing the complete continuum of care that we have at Cokato Charitable Trust.

In my free time I enjoy my second home which is at the lake.

Peter Bortnem

I have been a member of the Cokato Charitable Trust Board of Directors for many  years, the then current Chairman of the board asked me to join.

I’m passionate about Cokato Charitable Trust and the value it brings to our residents, clients and the community at large. I believe my work on the board is important and I have a responsibility to our community to care for our residents.

I spend my spare time with my family. I also enjoy reading, running, skiing, biking and my time with Rotary. I also when possible enjoy time at our cabin.

Cindy Luhman

I am new to the Cokato Charitable Trust Board.  I was approached by retiring board member Suzanne Kaczmarek, CPA and Board Chairman Steven Hanson, CPA to join the board of directors in the summer of 2021.  Growing up in a small town, I realized that many of the best things in a community exist because of dedicated people who are willing to serve.  My parents and my faith reinforced that view point by teaching me how rewarding community service can be.  So serving as a member of the CCT board felt like the right place for me.  I have visited several Cokato Manor residents over the years, and have always been impressed with the facilities, the staff, and how well the residents like their home.  These great attributes require hard work and dedication to maintain by everyone involved.  I look forward to assisting CCT with its mission of providing great service, a wonderful caring environment, and top notch facilities for its residents today and well into the future.

Dean Svela

I became a member of the Advisory Board of Cokato Charitable Trust in 2017 serving as a representative for Good Shepard Free Lutheran Church.

I’ve enjoyed learning about Cokato Charitable Trust, our continuum of senior care services and being able to offer advice regarding various projects. Learning what is involved in operating Cokato Charitable Trust, its management and dedicated employees, has been eye opening and rewarding.

I am a proud member of the American Legion.

Jesse Carlson

I joined the Cokato Charitable Trust Board of Directors in 2021.  I grew up in Cokato and after living away for over 26 years due to military service, came back because I wanted my kids to experience life growing up in a community like Cokato.  Without the great people we have in Cokato, it would just be a town and not a community.  My wife and I wanted to become a part of that Cokato family right away.  Being asked to join the board seemed like a great way to start because it is an opportunity to serve those residents who served us in the past.  I am excited to join the team at Cokato Charitable Trust and be a part of Cokato once again.

I am a proud member of the American Legion.

Kate Keith

I joined the Cokato Charitable Trust Board of Directors in 2024.  I have alway had a passion for Cokato and our Senior Community.  I am a Dassel-Cokato Graduate and worked as a CNA at Cokato Manor in High School. My husband and I have been married for 25 years. We have 2 children, and 1 grandson.  We reside in Cokato.  I am grateful for the opportunity to serve on this team.  I look forward to the continuation of creating the best possible living for our Senior Community. In my free time I enjoy spending time with family, reading the Bible, and going for walks.

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