Senior Adult Day Care Services

Helping People Lead Healthy and Happy Lives

We understand the stresses that can be associated with the daily care of a loved one. That is why Cokato Manor offers senior adult day care services.

Our senior adult day care service provides your loved one with an enjoyable, stimulating place that respects the dignity and self-worth of each client. Knowing this, you can relax while having peace of mind that your loved one is receiving excellent care from qualified dedicated providers.

Cokato Manor Senior Adult Day Care operates Monday – Friday from 8:00 am to 4:30 pm, excluding holidays. You may participate from one to five days a week depending on what best meets your family’s needs.

As A Participant in Senior Adult Day Care Services, You Receive

  • Opportunities for mental stimulation, creative expression, spiritual growth, and personal enrichment
  • Socialization with others where new friendships and interests can develop
  • Well-balanced, nutritious noon meal and snacks
  • Support and respite relief for care givers
  • Community fitness programs

Available For An Additional Fee

  • Transportation to and from our facility within a 20 mile radius, depending on van availability
  • Therapy services (physical, occupational and speech)
  • Beauty and barber shop
  • Bathing and grooming

Who Benefits From Senior Adult Day Care Services?

  • Any individual who feels the need for mental stimulation, physical exercise, socialization and minimal supervision with activities of daily living
  • Any individual with memory loss and cognitive impairment
  • Any individual needing support in making the transition from independent living to group care or making the transition from group care to independent living
  • Any care giver needing a little break

When are Senior Adult Day Care Services Needed?

Senior Adult Day Care services may be a good fit if a senior is:

  • Able to benefit from the friendship and assistance senior centers offer
  • In need of limited medical supervision
  • In the early stages of Alzheimer’s or Dementia

Those who would otherwise be alone all day and may need a little help with meals or medications and who have a home and family or friends to return to. These are the individuals with the most to gain from the mental and social stimulation in the supervised setting of Senior Adult Day Care services.

Senior Adult Day Care is perfect for family care givers who are frequently at work, need to handle personal business, or simply need a little rest and relaxation. Those who worry about their loved one’s safety while away may find Senior Adult Day Care Services to be the ideal way to provide the right level of care for their loved ones.

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